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Once Upon A Time



In July of 2016, improvisational actor Andrew Davies of The Bible Players fame, and tour guide Jonathan Goldstein of Cicerone Travel had a fateful meeting over macchiatos in a delightful Brooklyn cafe. The US Presidential election was underway, revealing the depth of division in modern times.
The two entrepreneurs discussed potential projects to apply their


respective talents in a world that seemed to be growing increasingly short on sensitivity, empathy, unity.


An idea was born to connect our audience to individuals from all walks of life through interactive theatrical walking experiences to engage with characters from history that might serve as an example of the great issues of our day.

We would introduce the experiences of immigrants, activists, reformers and dreamers to connect the American heritage of yesterday to the world we live in today. Thus, CharacTours combines the transformative power of immersive theater with the perspective shifting possibilities of historical tours.


Meet Our Team

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